Qin Yu, the office of Tiancheng Baofeng Company, can wait for the reply from Cocoa, because he has no connections in South Shanghai, and naturally he can’t find out why the company was seized.

After a while, Coco pushed the door and came in. "People have been called to the tax department and are being questioned."
"Why?" Qin Yu immediately got up and asked
"A lot of money needs to go through the tax department here to promote the pharmaceutical factory project. The tax department said that there is something wrong with the data we reported." Coco Dai said with a frown. "I found some and let the external law pass."
At the beginning, Qin Yu and Yu Jia talked about the pharmaceutical factory project at the right time. The other party once offered to put the new company in South Shanghai, which was convenient for protecting their own interests. Because Wu Di and Qin Yu Songjiang were more hard at home, they were afraid that they would suffer if something happened between the two sides.
For this condition, Qin Yu and Wu Di feel that there is nothing because of the fact that several parties have made efforts to show sincerity more than once. It is reasonable that people now want to protect their own interests. At that time, they will agree to put the head office in South Shanghai, but the actual place of business and the future focus are Songjiang
But everyone didn’t think that it was going to meet someone like Su Zhengdong in South Shanghai, and it was even more impossible to expect that there would be a big deal.
"Do you think this matter is easy to solve?" Qin Yu lit a cigarette and asked Cocoa.
"I’ve finished setting up the place where the company should be, and I won’t mess with us easily if I’m idle," Coco said briefly. "Someone has made a move to estimate that the company will be temporarily closed!"
Qin Yuwen was silent
"But it’s no big deal. We should have the formalities and qualifications. You’re not too worried." Coco said softly, "You tidy up and we’ll meet some."
"good!" Qin Yu nodded immediately.
Ten minutes later, the two of them rushed to the city with a car to visit Yu Jia.
A few minutes later, Kekeqiao’s face was ruddy at the door of a high-end restaurant in downtown and he said to a middle-aged man, "Uncle, please bother you. Then we’ll get together later …!"
Middle-aged with cocoa after a few commonplaces before taking the lead in driving away.
Qin Yu surly roadside bowed their heads and took out a mobile phone and dialed Wu Di dialect.
"hello? !”
"The company was temporarily closed due to the posting of a large sum of money. There are also various small procedures for checking the edges and corners. Many things are stuck with us." Qin Yu said concisely, "Coco and I found some, but it will take some time to ship them."
When Wu Di heard this, his face was equally ugly and asked, "Have you found out why?"
"Is this still touching? Someone wants to go back to Lu Lin from my hand." Qin Yu gritted his teeth and said, "It should still be that Su Zhengdong and Han’s family."
"Han Tong is back, and I’m going to see him." Wu Di said after a long silence, "Don’t move for my words."
Voice down two people ended the call.
At about 9: 30 pm, Songjiang Xile Palace
Wu Di sat on the sofa with his hands in his face and said nothing.
"What a long face!" Han Tong asked with a smile, "I’m not happy to see you."
Wu Di turned to look at Han Tong and said with a smile, "You have a bad temper!"
"Hehe, why not?"
"You’re crazy enough to hit yourself, right?" Wu Di crooked neck asked.
"Where do you start with this?"
"Don’t play dumb with me," Wu Di asked with a frown. "How did South Shanghai Company say it was blocked when it was blocked? !”
"blocked?" Han Tong some consternation "when? !”
"Ok, you drink, I’ll go first!" Wu Di got up and walked out with a gloomy face.
Han Tong a grabbed Wu Di arm "really JiYan? !”
"loose!" Woody looked back and shouted a cold face.
"I don’t fucking know," Han Tong stood up and looked very serious and replied, "I came all the way back from South Shanghai to beg you. How can you still let people make small moves there!"

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