Twenty true fairy instructors stayed in the array for half an hour. According to them, they saw the true colors of twelve wizards, but they still didn’t understand what their respective characteristics were.

"The true fairy instructor come here …"
74 and the instructor group decided that there was no realm to practice, but after this ten-year period, they wanted to get the traditional inheritance from other places, but they didn’t know that they would have another chance.
Although this is equivalent to pushing the true fairy instructors into the pit of fire for several times, the realm will fall off, which means that the overall strength of Kunlun immortals will slip sharply, but … it’s worth it.
So the players in Yueluo Township saw a grand occasion for the first time. Twenty-seven true fairy instructors gathered together.
"God Eye Instructor ~"
A player greeted the instructor.
Instructors grow up with players, and old players are almost familiar with each other. Instructors and players give various nicknames.
"Fairy instructor, you’re here ~"
"Uncle, long time no see ~"
"Iron fist brother enemy!"
The instructors responded to these nicknames and appellations one by one, and the whole Yueluo township was quiet to see that the red flag spectrum of these instructors was in harmony, and they devoted themselves to the large array of all gods and evil spirits, and after one hour, they turned into purulent blood.
And then again …
Instructors seem to be unconscious and will not throw themselves into the doomed array, grinding away their anger, listening for the truth and seeking a possibility for the future of mankind. Players don’t know what the world is like, but none of the instructors don’t know that the real sacrifice is not afraid, and the situation is just suspended animation.
However, the players are a little worried. Although they will not really die, they look at the instructors’ indifference to death, hesitation and firmness, which is particularly infectious. Some players are moved by this gesture and their eyes are moist. Of course, they are discouraged by the instructors from not reaching the realm of true fairy. It is purely a vain sacrifice.
And the players who have the realm of true immortals are all forces gathering together, and a group or a country can’t give up their lives in loyalty.
It’s a game in the future, but more and more people are moved. For the first time, the players and instructors feel a heavy sense of responsibility. What drives them to be so desperate? It should be a real NPC. If it were a living person, it would definitely not do this …
"That’s enough!" Finally, there is a population stop.
Chapter five hundred and twenty-two The Great Sage of Kyubi no Youko makes friends and relatives
The temptation to fight against the gods turned into a sacrifice.
This is too tragic.
Lin Chong, the first to discuss, felt that things should not be like this.
But inspiration made him wait. Now he needs to show sincerity … What sincerity? Lin Chong was inspired to say that these true immortals in black should be allowed to drop one or two realms, but Lin Chong found that root hard to accept!
"That’s enough"
After the instructors put in the purulent blood for the third time, Lin Chong finally got up and stopped it.
"But we haven’t figured out the ability attributes of the twelve wizards," said the captain. "We haven’t finished yet."
"If you die again, you will fall down the fairy steps." Lin Chong shook his head. "That’s not worth it."
"But someone has to do it." The instructor, Captain Zhen Xian, looked firmly at Lin Chong.
Lin Chong feels a little hot and sour. What makes you so determined …
"I’ll find you a partner," Lin Chong said as he caught it in the air and saw the blue, green and blue magical power flashing. A woman in a white palace dress appeared floating there.
"Vientiane fairy emperor? !” She screamed and then turned and ran away.
"You wait" Lin Chongli held a "robot" and exploded in anger. The tangible hand held her eyes almost out.
"Vientiane immortal emperor … I have given up … you must be driven to death …" She felt that she was going to be shocked at any time.
"I’ll give you a chance to turn over a new leaf and accompany these Kunlun immortals to find out in the large array of gods and evil spirits." Lin Chong said to her.
"I … don’t allow again? !” She hissed and screamed for tens of thousands of years, and she has never been wronged in the land of Shenzhou.
When her hand was tight, she was immediately choked and JingXie flew all over the sky.
It splashed blood all over the players around, but it was a little bit of blood splashing into the market, which was also a strange place.
"Mrs. White and Bones?" Someone knows the word "Great Sage"
"Bones the Great Sage was crushed by Vientiane Xiandi? !” Someone exclaimed the fact just now.
Obviously, they didn’t know that Mrs. Bones had been crushed once before they entered Yueluo Township.
These titles of Great Sage are wild, but we can’t discuss how to change them … Lin Chong’s mind flits over this idea, and then grabs it and brings it back to life, trying to escape, and Mrs. Bones grabs it out of the air or pinches her waist to pinch her eyes out.
"I can get you back if you escape to a place in Luoxiang," said Lin Chong.
",what? !” Mrs. Bones, it’s not true that this is not the power that a monk can achieve. Maybe he has never been able to connect with the great master Guanyin before, or this is the great power of the great master Guanyin. Is that all the power that Jin Xian can achieve in front of him? !
"Because … well, because it’s all my treasure," said Lin Chong. "You followed me as soon as you entered here."
When Mrs. Bones asked Lin Chong, she got a cognition. The whole Yue Luoxiang is his treasure.
Is it Zao Fu?
No, it’s not just Zao Fu. Lin Chong has an idea.
Hearing this, Mrs. Bones immediately froze for a while and then swore, "That little bitch hoof of Kyubi no Youko actually harmed me!"
"She may not know …" Lin Chong grabbed the six-character title Great Sage Kyubi no Youko again.
Zao Fu kunlun mahavamsa was sealed for days, and the demon father restrained the demon. At this moment, Mrs. Kyubi no Youko, the Great Sage of Bones, automatically threw herself into this secret treasure. What is it, not to die?
After Kyubi no Youko was caught, he was like an excited civet cat. He screamed and turned into a prototype. It was a huge pure white Kyubi no Youko fox with ten meters long. Its nine tails were like nine giant vines, which were longer than the whole body.
But I still can’t help but feel that Zao Fu Wei Nengfang was gripped as soon as the demon body appeared, making her scream. If his Great Sage should show his magical power at this moment, but Kyubi no Youko’s magical power is beautiful and lucky, so’ plop’ a smoke dispersed over Kyubi no Youko and turned into a charming girl and said,’ Hey, you hurt me ~’
Lin Chong’s face has the color of a peach blossom, and he didn’t know everything about the world. Jin Xian’s shell has already dissolved Kyubi no Youko’s "posture" avatar
The more people go to Luoxiang, Lin Chong is close to the enemy in this world, whether it is a person or a demon, but not to the visitors of the heavens.
"Take the avatar or I’ll kill you." Lin Chong said to the Great Sage of Kyubi no Youko.
Kyubi no Youko’s title can not only look good, but also be clever and beautiful. The attachment of leadership is temptation and wisdom is prophecy. Now she predicts that if she doesn’t obey for a second, she will explode into pieces. She doesn’t have the rebirth like Mrs. Bones.
"Hello, immortal emperor ~ Who am I to catch my little girl? You must be angry. It’s good to have anything to say ~" Kyubi no Youko said quickly.
"Bitch!" Bones denounced Kyubi no Youko.
"… elder sister?" Kyubi no Youko was scolded inexplicably.
"You told me that there is a chance to achieve enlightenment here, but it is a magic weapon and now I fall into his hands!" Bones reprimanded to the emotional place wish Xuan Yin avatar point death Kyubi no Youko but also think about her bones limited resurrection times is not much at the moment Vientiane fairy emperor hands really dare not move again.

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