"Monster?" Tony stared at Saul and asked, "What did Saul say about the pioneers?"

Mark nodded.
It’s about time.
The pioneers should also be on the scene.
Chapter 917 Think too much Zheng Xian
Hong kong island
Victoria harbour
"This way, Mr. Lewis."
"thank you"
Mark greeted himself with a smile at the door of the port station. At first glance, the agent of the God Spear Bureau said, "Why don’t people here plan to evacuate?"
God spear bureau agents smiled and said nothing.
A little while
God spear bureau led to see the military vehicle that was docked at the port. Mark couldn’t help but smile and shook his head.
The rabbit is still the black rabbit.
The port resident conference room is here.
After the agent of God Spear Bureau took Mark in, Mark saw at first sight what Zheng Xian was arguing fiercely with a dress system.
Zheng Xian saw Mark shine at the moment when he came in and was about to open his mouth. Mark immediately stretched out his hand to stop him.
Mark said, "stop. I’m an eagle sauce family. I don’t participate in your rabbit family and I don’t want to know."
Zheng Xian face mafia "then what are you doing here? Going to the theatre? "
Mark shrugged.
He is happy to watch the play on the wall, but is it possible? Kate and Jean are having a good time, and Mark can already imagine being treated when he gets back if he doesn’t do anything around.
quite a while
Zheng Xian and the man dressed in low clothes spoke a few words, then took out a cigarette from his pocket and handed it to Mark, and said, "No smoking inside."
Mark took it and took a look.
used to express surprise
There’s no sign. It’s special.
Mark said, "damn it, didn’t you say there was no special smoke?" When I left Dongguo in 1999, I asked you to find me a box. You saidno. "
Zheng Xian glanced at Mark and said, "There was no recovery in 1999, but I didn’t lie to you in 2000."
Mark language
"One, two, three, four!"
"One, two, three, four …"
Mark and Zheng Xian stand side by side. On the second floor, at the bottom of the balcony, the rabbits are practicing.
Zheng Xian next to spit out a smoke turn and then sighed deeply.
Mark glanced at silent.
Zheng Xian "Ah …"
Mark "…"
With Zheng Xian’s fifth sigh, Mark lowered his head and finally shouted at Zheng Xian, "Sigh and run away. You ruined the wonderful mood in the early morning."
Zheng Xian laughed and said, "Don’t be our good friends, we are tired of logging."
Mark "get out"
Mark thinks that if he believes Zheng Xian’s nonsense, he will not be far from the gallows.
Rabbits are all black-bellied
When I get back to the hotel, I’ll take Kate, Jean and Tony to the hotel and order stewed rabbit heads in braised pork …
Zheng Xian automatically ignored Ma’s bad tone and said with a smile, "Do you know what I argued with the commander on Hong Kong Island just now?"
Mark rolled his eyes.
Zheng Xian pushed Ma Mouren and said, "You Langli are very rich. The street costs 200 yuan an hour, which makes me want to go."
Mark said grumpily, "pay attention to your words. What do you mean by Langley? I’m with the FBI. We don’t interfere in foreign affairs."
"Really others don’t know that your embassy has an FBI office and an intelligence center?" Zheng Xian is also a direct reporter. Who didn’t know that there would be an embassy of Eagle Sauce? There must be FBI agents and intelligence centers in the place.

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