A soldier retired from Delta Force went straight ahead and prepared to fight like a gladiator.

"This is Han …"
Finally, there was a chance for the top brass to show off. The FBI directly pushed the guard rudely and said coldly, "The FBI is handling a case."
soon afterwards
Federal agents in front of the way
Wearing sunglasses and a suit, Mark troubled stablehand walked into the Hammer Building with a look on his face.
The blonde girl at the front desk is also completely stupid.
Yan value …
Not bad
Mark took off his sunglasses and walked over, smiling at the blonde girl at the front desk and saying, "FBI case."
"Ah?" Little blonde was completely lost when she saw Mark take off his sunglasses.
So handsome!
Good MAN!
So stylish!
When Mark saw this, he put on his sunglasses again and turned to wait for him to give orders. The corners of his mouth were slightly arched. "A floor and a room are not allowed to let go of all the brains and materials and move back to the federal building for me. If I have an effect, will it be clear?"
The sound of the detectives’ breath directly shocked the hammer industrial bulletproof glass to almost burst …
soon afterwards
Federal agents dispersed.
Either ladder
Or stairs
Hammer industrial lawyers also instantly appeared.
A lawyer with white hair and a beast in an expensive suit walked straight up to Mark.
But before the lawyer could speak, Mark took the lead in throwing out his arrest warrant and search warrant and slapped the lawyer in the face.
Some premature white-haired lawyers are blue in the face.
But I still silently took the arrest warrant and search warrant and set my eyes on it.
One second
The lawyer immediately shouted, "This is nonsense. This is Hammer Industries and it is confidential."
Mark blew his sunglasses, then looked up and said lightly, "Trying to cover up a federal wanted man for treason. The Patriot Act came into effect again. Stark Industries, I searched a mere Hammer Industry?"
Patriot act
Don’t say it’s here
Even if the white building is involved in this felony, the FBI has taken even a piece of toilet paper back from the white building to do a good study to see if it is real toilet paper or the so-called new bug.
It is precisely because of this.
The moment the Patriot Act was officially passed by Congress, it immediately attracted criticism from all walks of life …
After all, the Patriot Act blessing
The FBI seems to have returned to its former glory as the first general bureau.
Top floor of hammer building
When Mark walked into Justin Hammer’s office, the hippie monkey was in front of the French window with one hand in his pocket and a glass of whisky in the other.
Justin turned around and didn’t seem angry at Mark’s arrival. Instead, he raised his glass with a smile and asked kindly, "Would you like a drink? Director Louis? "
Mark smiled and laughed "can"
Justin nodded and went to beat whisky and pour it into the table glass.
Mark glanced at the desktop.
Counting Justin’s hand, there are three activities outside.
Justin smiled and handed the whisky to Mark and said, "I’m sorry that Director Lewis is late."
Mark said simply, "Oh? What? "
Justin sipped a glass of whisky and laughed. "What’s the reason for Director Lewis to apply for a search warrant? Let me guess, harboring federal criminals? "
Mark didn’t speak
Justin, hehe, glanced at the 200-square-foot living room and laughed. "Director Louis is even disappointed. I don’t have it here."

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