People are perfect, let alone Ivanovich. Even Andy can’t be counted as a legacy. The generals need onlookers to be sober for different reasons.

"No matter Ji Xinghe," Ivanovich said coldly, "Tu Yuan is right and we have the final fortress with nuclear weapons. If Ji Xinghe really fails, let him be baptized with a nuclear bomb again."
Hearing this, the staff finally stopped waking up.
The war has hit, and many people are ready to make nuclear weapons ready. After the nuclear weapons are attacked by the empire, they are ready to make nuclear weapons counterattack.
I am very ready for this war to become a nuclear war.
It doesn’t matter who makes nuclear weapons first. The imperial desperate counterattack has already said that they are really desperate.
Besides the danger of Ji Xinghe, the battle area of Shenshen Mountain is dominated by the Federation, and so is the war in World War II. Besides the danger of the independent regiment and the danger of the No.6 base, even if there is an imperial transition base there, the strength of those mercenaries has great hope to determine the location of the transition base.
The defeated empire can make it possible for nuclear weapons to discover the third empire at any time, and the Federation can also make it possible for nuclear weapons at any time.
In this case, of course, there will be many people who think it is necessary to get the first hand.
However, there was no suitable opportunity before, and the only opportunity was rejected by Ji Xinghe and Tu Yuan. Now it seems that their veto is correct. Otherwise, how could the empire send reinforcements to the possible transition base and defend the virtual?
The 43.7 billion firepower quota will soon start.
The Second Rocket Force of Longzhou, which is in charge of this fire support, showed their due strength, and launched a precise and effective attack when the independent regiment just withdrew from the Second Canyon Empire and chased the independent regiment out of the Second Canyon.
After passing through the dust storm missiles and hitting the alien earth, they released the power contained in their bodies. Round after round of shock waves made the dust storm in the hit area dissipate, and a fire shone along the channel like a chimney. There was no dust storm, and the height of 10,000 meters was captured by the federal military reconnaissance satellite clearly.
Very intuitive picture, there are not a few imperial mecha without arms and legs, and more are still killed by powerful shock waves. The Chinese mecha can’t move the imperial mecha.
After ten minutes, the 43.7 billion firepower quota was wiped out. If it wasn’t for the need to calculate and gain a short view, it wouldn’t have taken ten minutes to adjust the strike coordinates.
"Report that our long-range fire attack has destroyed less than 223 imperial mecha."
The report was too rough, but Ivanovich didn’t blame him for saying’ less’. He was already very satisfied.
From a strategic point of view, his solo action has indeed brought great help to the war in the Mountain of Gods.
Otherwise, if more than 2,000 imperial mecha are involved in the war, the number of mecha in the Mountain of Gods will not be able to keep up even if it is more than the number of mecha in the Empire this time.
If you barely hold on, the casualties will be heavy.
If there are more imperial troops hiding and waiting for the right opportunity like the second world war, it will be completely torn up by the empire in the first world war if it can’t stop the second round of the empire’s counterattack against the Shenshan war zone.
The advantages formed in several years were once disintegrated.
Who can stand this?
Ji Xinghe couldn’t stand it. He chose the most risky way to play, but "escape" is the limit he can do now.
He really can’t drive this chopper to turn around and kill all the pursuers behind him.
Driving the moon armor, imperial armor (changed) and glory armor is not good. It is not good to add moon exercises to all three mecha.
A large number of them constitute a strong fighting force, which Ji Xinghe has never faced since he joined the army.
If we are independent …
With this in mind, Ji Xinghe thought of the independent group. Facing the difficult situation at this time, he was very worried about Ji Rongxinyue, and he knew very well that he could not worry too much about Ji Rongxinyue now.
The distraction field means that he can’t evade the imperial mecha’s interception. Once he is entangled, his best ending is to be captured alive by the Empire.
Or make the final fortress+nuclear weapons.
Ji Xinghe thought that he had only one honeycomb flare left, but he was unwilling to call for the strongest support at this time.
He didn’t know that just now.
A soldier who admired him very much said that he hated his kindness.
There was a recruit who was very eager to fight with him, but he was hysterical and unwilling to die when he was received by an independent regiment.
He is purely convinced that if he uses nuclear weapons to solve his current predicament, tens of thousands of people will die because of imperial nuclear weapons, which is inappropriate, inappropriate and unworthy.
But how do you fight yourself?
Ji Xinghe, who has been running away, is indeed the best runner on this planet as Tu Yuan said, and he can continue to run.
But he didn’t want to continue running, because he was not only the best runner on this planet, but also the best hitter on this planet.
Because many years ago, his son asked him a question. If I run away, who will stop them?
Because he answered his son many years later, I’ll come
Thinking about it, Ji Xinghe stepped into the 17th battle area and was very close to the boundary between the gods mountain and the alien land, which was a cliff with an average height of kilometers.
In this way, the cliff almost surrounds the whole mountain of gods, leaving not many gentle areas, but it is also a must for the Federation and the empire to pass more smoothly
Because of the dust storm, Ji Xinghe can’t see the cliff at this time, but he can judge the distance between the cliff and him by his own position, and judge the distance between the pursuer and him by feeling and understanding the speed and pursuit mode of the imperial mecha
And when the general has participated in many battles for several years, he has gained command experience and made a judgment on the current war in Shenshen Mountain.
Walk around the cliff and keep running?
Ji Xinghe finally made a decision.
With the launch of the last honeycomb flare, Ji Xinghe finally went online again for a while, but this time he didn’t give people a chance to communicate with him. He did achieve two orders.

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